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Who We Are

La Constructa was founded in 1966 as a General Contractor and Construction Manager by Joseph Madkour under the name of EJM Contracting (Joseph Madkour for Engineering and Contracting). In 1994 young partners joined the firm, bringing a new vision to La Constructa. Building on its already solid record and history, the firm advanced its reputation in constructing landmark structures by merging innovative and traditional strategies. From that point onwards, the firm has been the first choice for discerning clients who value quality, creativity, and know-how.

Historical landmarks:

  • In 1998, La Constructa became the first General Contracting Construction Management and Project Management firm in Lebanon to be awarded the ISO 9002:1994 certification for quality and excellence in the field.
  • In 2005 the firm underwent major restructuring which propelled La Constructa into a new era of growth and empowered it to take on larger projects in Lebanon.
  • In 2006, as part of its strategy, the firm began to witness significant regional growth, launching operations in Sudan under the name of La Constructa for Construction and Contracting and its offshore company, La Constructa International Offshore s.a.l., which is a vehicle for further international expansion.
    We closed our operations in Syria end of 2011 and in Sudan end of 2013